Með Suð...: Deluxe Edition

Album 1. Gobbledigook 2. Inn Mr Syngur Vitleysingur 3. Gan Daginn 4. Vi Spilum Endalaust 5. Festival 6. Me Su Eyrum 7. ra Btur 8. Illgresi 9. Fljtavik 10. Straumnes 11. All Alright
DVD 1. Vi Spilum Endalaust 2. ra Btur At Abbey Road 3. Gobbledigook Video -
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Title translates to English as: With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly
Deluxe edition available directly from Sigur Rs website, comes in an individually numbered 200-page fine weave cloth-bound hardback book. Includes the following:
- Me Su Eyrum Vi Spilum Endalaust CD album
- Exclusive documentary DVD (NTSC format) featuring filming of the Gobbledigook video, tour rehearsals, the early shows on the tour.
- A unique strip of 16mm film taken from the Gobbledigook video

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