Sales & Business Consulting Based on Sam Ovens’ Teachings

Anyone, who knows about the current business climate, will agree that today we are living in really competitive times. Business owners are always looking for any edge they can get to make that extra buck. To say, “to have no plan is to plan to fail”, is definitely in vogue. We are living in the Information Age and information is all over the place. It almost like we have information overload.

Before You Start Your Career

Consumers are getting smarter and business owners are more informed than ever. To put it simply, people are spending their money more wisely because more information is available on products. Consumers are taking more time before making purchases because they can. With the advent of the internet, it has also become easier to compare products and services side by side.
Of course, business owners have access to more information as well. The entire business market has evolved exponentially. This goes for producer and consumer alike. More and more businesses are turning to consultants to solve their problems.
A desk in an office, full of notes and planners.
Today you can easily find a consultant that would be an expert in your particular field or niche. In the past consultants would need to come in person for presentations or meetings. These were time-consuming and very costly. The same applies to learning the craft. You can quite easily enroll in a course like Sam Ovens’ consulting accelerator, spend some time learning and you are good to go.
So these days, consultations can be done live or virtual. This gives both parties a potential for a more relaxed and less expensive atmosphere for decision making.

What Do Business Consultants Generally Do

Luckily, professional consulting companies, just like information, are all over the place. Think McKinsey, Deloitte, etc. Usually, consultants are listed in local papers and electronic advertisements. As already mentioned, a search on the internet will bring back a range of hits in all localities. Before you decide to use a consultant or firm, s little research would serve you well. You will need to figure out what your needs are and what you are comfortable with.
Business consultants can offer advice in many areas such as security, management, marketing, Human Resources, and more. One of the keys to the success of any business is internal structure. Many times companies have small policy discrepancies that have had a dramatic effect on their bottom-line. Needless to say, Companies that are poorly organized or managed fail on a regular basis. To say that effective business consulting can have serious consequences would be an understatement.

Think About Your Goals

Manager using a credit card to pay his freelance consultant

Whether you are trying to bring your company to six figures or just trying to enhance your companies initiatives, you may find yourself in need of business consulting at some point. This consulting can enhance performance and efficiency while helping companies achieve their goals. By properly identifying problem areas through business analysis techniques, these professionals are able to provide detailed solutions to systems.
The way these consultants help organizations can vary from situation to situation. This would depend on the area that have been identified as having a problem. This is to say, there is no one solution for every problem. Once a problem area has been identified, we can proceed to seek professionals that many assist us in restructuring or re-organization. This is not always the same and different professionals may need to be consulted. You may need to seek more than one consultant.

The Idea – What Is Your Why?

When we do a search on the internet for “Business Consulting”, you will find a myriad of results. When considering the idea of business Consulting, you quickly realize that focusing on your subject area would reduce lot of confusion. In other words, we would need to narrow our search. To be clear, a business consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in their particular field. This is somewhat of a loose definition and many people can be classified as Business consultants. Basically, any person who gets paid for a service is classified as a professional.
These professionals usually possess specialized skills in a particular area. Anyone who has experience is their field could literally be called a consultant. We have all heard about a “jack of all trades”. Well, this not the ideal approach to consultants. You should seek a consultant that specialized in the particular area in which you are experiencing your problem.
Most of the companies and people we find listed on the internet will be certified professionals who have either been educated at a formal university or hold some sort of professional certification. A bachelor’s degree is usually the minimum requirement for a consultant and some people prefer the consultant to have a master’s degree. So, finding legitimate consultants should not be a problem but, care should to take to ensure you have to right professional for your needs. These professionals usually charge from $50 to $100 per hour.
When it comes to Consulting Firms, they are varied and wide-ranging. These companies usually employ exceptionally talented individuals. These individuals project delivery growth and profitability. Today many firms are under pressure to respond to technological and analytical changes. This could spell trouble for This industry in the future.
Manager in a black suit putting together a new business proposal for his prospective client.
At the very least these types of companies will be re-structuring themselves toward technically savvy individuals. For this reason, many become interested in this under false assumptions. Although many have a skeptical view about the future of business consulting. However, many in the business sector consider consulting as an expense that can be worth the money. Professionals suggest that if you do get a consultant, you should be sure to get the right one and follow the guidance strictly.
It doesn’t really make much sense to pay a lot of money to a consultant if you are not going to follow their recommendations. This is extremely important as these professionals put a lot of time and energy into extracting information and data points from their analysis. With that in mind, firms usually charge from $3200.00 an hour. This is quite a bit more than individual consultants.
Business consultants fall into one of five categories. Strategy and Management consultants deal with overall companies objectives like sales and savings and sometimes large scale acquisition. Operations consultants deal will processes, their quality and efficiency. They improve on existing systems.
IT consultants are probably the busiest professionals in today’s market. Technology is always growing and these consultants are always busy expanding or improving processes. In the modern business world, most companies have a human resources department. It just makes good sense to take care of your employees and these guys are definitely in high demand. Sales and Marketing consulting is a high demand field with room for a lot of growth.

Final Thoughts

New marketing and sales tools are developing at a rapid pace. With this growth comes a lot of competition. Be prepared for the fierce competition in this market. Marketing tools are becoming more accessible every day.
In this article, I outline the importance of Business Consulting and how it can affect the bottom of any business. I also showed how effective consulting can have and will have an effect on a companies bottom line. After reading this article the reader should be able to make effective decisions in the area of business consulting. The reader will be able to choose a consultant that will be well suited for any problem that may need to be addressed in the business model.
In this article, the reader also learned to check the credentials of intended consultants. You should first consider the size of the company and if you need consulting in the first place. Be sure the consultant understands all the variables involved with your companies policy before accepting any consult.
Once the business has been outlined and problems identified, a definite decision can be made regarding consultation.

How I Started My Career In Sales And Consulting

My name is Lili and I started my entrepreneurial journey four years ago.

I had been with the armed forces before. 14 years with the police. Detective first class, to be precise. I investigated murders, abductions, white-collar crime, you name it. And because I spent a lot of time talking to suspects and informants, I thought Well, I guess I know how to handle people. I should be perfectly able to sell (as everyone was telling me sales was the number one skill if you wanted to make it in business). And because my confidence was pretty high (how difficult can that be? I can run a business, I’ve been running cases, after all…), one Friday afternoon I decided to leave. I mean, the decision was somewhat in my head for over a year by that Friday but I never really decided. But for some reason, on that Friday I walked into my captain’s office and turned in the notice (which I had prepared in my drawer, as well as most of my colleagues. That piece of paper is something you find in almost any detective’s drawer, ready to be used when an opportunity comes). We talked a bit, he was not happy, I was excited, and that was it. After a two-month period, I was free. As a bird, ready to take on the world.

I started working with my friends, who already had a consulting company. I was green so I actually didn’t start with consulting clients (I needed lots of consulting myself 🙂 but I took on online marketing for the company. I did some Facebook advertising ( I didn’t like it much, to be honest) and spent almost one year doing that before I really started learning how to become a consultant.

I basically started learning from my colleagues, signed up for some online courses, read a ton of books, you know how it goes. And then, one day I left the company and started my own consulting business. Sure, it was not as easy as it may sound but I made it through the tough times. I persevered and started actually making money. Which, by the way, is an incredibly empowering feeling.